Anna Francesca Biondolillo
It is clear that red is the colour which hits the eye in these three works by Jeanette Milner, which although being the common denominator, transmits in each painting its own inspiring motivation. Red like fire, daring as the passion that flows in the veins, apparently festive, communicator of valid messages, proposed by intense brush strokes of excellent and essential colour brilliance. Continual and insistent retouching of tonal rythm in union with the task in hand, risolute to confer more intense brightness, through representation of the elements dealt with. This is the efficacious way for this skilful artist to stand out, who, although being born in Australia seems to be romantically linked to all things Italian. Witness to this fact are her paintings reporting themes related to our land, for example the Ferrari of the Ferraris, a tribute to Enzo Ferrari in which emerges not only the exaltation of the emotional content for the passion of the object with the whole folkloristic outline, but above all the human sentiment that recalls to the viewer's memory a personage who has become a myth all over the world. A know how to make art by following the dictates of her own heart, drawing on creative ability and innate professionalism. Her sensitivity often succeeds in bringing to the canvas remote scenes between rocks, but equally attractive for that vitality found in the presence of even a single flower, and in this case the vision of Red Poppies is strongly cloaked in emotions. In the painting San Telefonino the artist with ironic and amusing elaboration (note the halo painted on top of the mobile phone) wants to emphasize the great invention of this element that often seems to work miracles reaching endless distances to have that desired human contact. A profound humanity which can be read in her interpretations, always at the apex of fruition which leads to appreciation and esteem of her work. Emotions D'Art 2013
2013 -

Anna Francesca Biondolillo
It is amazing how the roots of the pictorial expression of this Australian artist are in the landscape of the Italian territory. Maybe she feels sentimentally Italian because it is many years that she has lived in Italy. Her paintings are testimony to her deep love for our land as they almost always depict themes related to our territory. Without detracting from any esteemed naturalist, Jeanette Milner's paintings are really touching because they have something within them that transmits wonder. Perhaps because the vision of the various landscapes comes to her through the wonder perceived by her soul. The fact is that when you are in front of one of her landscapes, in the moment when the sun rises or sets, the emotion is such to praise the work of art. So we are in the presence of a large-scale realism that extends deep into space through a perspective so close almost to be touched. An example is the painting that interprets the wonderful peaks of the Gran Sasso, which shows all the expressive power of Jeanette Milner. Her passion for painting is transformed into love for nature, her wonderful talent is expressed in the spiritual substance of the magnificence of nature, overwhelming the minds in an immediate and surprising fashion.
2011 - Emozioni '2011

Maurizio Di Palma
Jeanette Milner belongs to a class of artists for whom uniquely through the experience of their own life is it possible to tap into the mystery which surrounds beauty. Jeanette was born in Australia and lives in Italy at the foot of the Gran Sasso; a tireless traveller, who has given to her artistic vocation a profile of international respite that we can see in her curriculum. In front of Jeanette's paintings we feel, we understand, that we are not pausing before a reproduction or a representation of reality; for the evocative intensity and for the expressive passion, the painting is in itself the event of a place. This happens because what Jeanette produces is not a research for the colour, but it is a search for the light through the colour, with all its ethical and symbolic implications. Works such as "Desert Sunset", "Sicilian Sunset" or "Beyond the Horizon" are creations in which the spirit of the landscape is grasped in the fullness of its essence, a perfect balance between the vibrant uniqueness of the moment and the suggestive shades of memories, the result of patient work necessary to overtake the appearance through appearance. "Seas, mountains and sunsets…" with this formula Jeanette likes to summarize the world of her landscapes that we can also read literally as a journey through the four elements and an anthem to the beauty of mother earth; but we can go much further. Works such as "The fury of the earth," "Wave of Destruction - Tsunami", "Inferno", testify to the profound sense of participation and accountability to the pain of the world. Let us pause before the painting "The fury of the earth": Jeanette has experienced first-hand the tragic earthquake in Abruzzo in April 2009; the Gran Sasso, often painted in its majestic and mystical beauty (we are reminded of the pages where it is the protagonist in "Severina" by Ignazio Silone), its profile silhouetted in the night while at the foot of its slopes lies a sort of cross-linked bleeding grid. With disarming simplicity Jeanette gives us this testimony of the tragedy of the earthquake, reducing to the essential the perception and the expression to allude to the modesty and the compassion and to the sharing of the inconsolable feeling of grief. This way Jeanette knows how to adapt with light naturalness between lyrical and dramatic atmospheres. Going even further, we come to the paintings of nebulae, stellar views, planets and constellations. Works like "The Red Planet", "New Beginnings", "Time in Space" show the courage of Jeanette to bring the research of light beyond the visible border and the irrepressible desire of a world citizen who aspires to the universal. If we were to translate and summarize all this in an absolute value, this value would be freedom. In short, in its entirety, the pictorial world of Jeanette Milner happily offers to heal the rift between nature and culture.
2011 - Poet

Paolo Levi
Jeanette Milner Expressively unrepeatable moments To a curriculum with all due respect Jeanette Milner unites a biography that sees her as a citizen of the world and an untiring traveller; born in Melbourne, Australia, she lives and works in Italy. Since she was young she has applied herself in a compelling apprenticeship, studying the techniques of oil, watercolour and ceramics. Her application in figurative art stems from these solid bases, her art works emanate strong sensations, transmitting messages addressed aboveall to discover the visual essence of a landscape bound to the memory, hence much loved and poetically represented. Besides these visions, of particolar elegance are her representations of horses which appear to be rich in complex plasticity and certain still life studies of beautiful pictoric substance. From these works one understands well the fullness of her cultural horizons and therefore the fascination of a production which demonstrates a stylistic monogram of its own, tied to her life experiences travelling the world. One would say that her fantasy is connected to a precise cultural vision, where the representation of nature is tied to an aesthetic ideal for which beauty is the expression aboveall of a cosmic mystery. Her visual expressions relate strictly to a meditation on stronger and more vibrant colours, where even the shadows are suffused with luminous reflections. Her landscapes are mysterious instants, expressively unrepeatable moments, profiles of dunes and touching sunsets, where the perspectives are optically precise and calcolated, while the applications of colour are strong and measured and exault a vivid imprint. In the same way there is fervid energy in the imprint, particularly where the harmonious beauty of a horse emerges, a very precise form in a fabrication of complex dinamic equilibrium. Tra Forme e Figura, 2010
2010 - Author

Roberto Chiavarini
Jeanette, is an international artist, child of the world. In fact, Milner is Australian born but Italian by adoption. She lives in the l'Aquila province and, recently, has been witness to the serious calamity which struck that area. An added experience for this highly cultured artist. Her artworks are the result of a logical combination that generates universal representations, paradoxically, open to any interpretation. In reality, this extraordinary Italo-Australian artist, is in line with her thought and her pictorial maturity, since, if it is true, as it is true, the paradox is the most advanced form of thought, more in tune with the current of change and with the metabolism of the new global world. It is, therefore, that the artworks of Jeanette embody this attitude perfectly. Her artworks have the feeling of giving back strength to the word without conditions and without boundaries, through a researched and furbished pictorial grammar, works which seem to be travel notes, placed casually on sheets, in a sequence of phrases coupled together by affinity, the narration of which finished to be suffocated by an exuberant quantity of images, apparently different from one another but that, actually, compose all together the magnificent and fascinating story of the life experiences of Jeanette Milner. Looking closely at the canvases of this refined artist, one immediately catches a glimpse of her exclusive personality, made up of elegance, grace and interlectuality. International Art Award Leonardo da Vinci 2009
2009 - Art and Politics Analyst

Dino Marasŕ
Poetic soul The artist Jeanette Milner paints with talent and skill. Passing with ease between portraits, landscapes and symbols demonstrating each time to possess a poetic soul inclined towards the refined representation of reality and of the world. Boč
2009 - Art critic

Sandro Serradifalco
Jeanette Milner possesses an uncommon natural expression. Her works are cloaked in fantasy, revealing the infinite possibilities of dreams. With an effective syntax, she describes her own feelings and their emotional state, emphasizing with true and sincere tone and luminosity, and with powerful signs, strengthened by a grand palette. We can say with confidence that Jeanette Milner masters with certainty her talent and art, offering us the secrets and beauty in an informal and frank manner. Boč october 2008
2008 - Editor

Sandro Serradifalco
Jeanette Milner's art finds its natural cromatic expression in a vibrantly refined palette of tonal passions. We are in fact audience to the evolution of a colourful act to reveal the value of the real context. Representations poetically touching tend to push our gaze towards scenic contexts far from our common observation. Vivacious compositivity of a valid artist who is technically well talented. Poetivity of a sensitive soul and investigator of the most secret aspects of existence. Milner’s art should not be valued exclusively for its technical value but for the fact that it tends to exalt the intrinsic will to go beyond the pictoric support losing oneself in her pulsing skies, in the softness of the characters portrayed, and in the malincony of far away and unique sunsets. Grandi Maestri 2008
2008 - Editor

Paolo Martocchia
"In the art of Jeanette Milner, Australian by birth and Italian by adoption, one is struck by the colours, the many colours which portray landscapes, the sea, mountains and sunsets. Winner of international awards "Oscar dell'Arte 2007" and "Anthony Van Dyck 2007" , at a first glance the artist Milner strikes the sense of immagination of who observes her art, in as much valued as evocative in artistic expression. But should one's glance linger here or there, to investigate a little deeper, one perceives a poetic suspense and a natural capacity for calm lineal narration. The compositive structure of the paintings of the artist Milner conserve a clear readability: they are performed with a sofisticated technique, the use of veiling and granular substance added to the paint, which immerses each image in a memory. It is, fundamentally, a great poetic universe and safe refuge from the pressing obligations of our daily chaotic life. Even the colours of her palette are calm with warm and serene tones, just broken with the insertion of strong colours. This consents to bring out a delicate poetic vision, once memorable and nostalgic, once more readily adherent to today's context. To understand the artist Milner better, actually holding a solo exhibition in Rome at the F.A.O. (until 5 December 2008), one observes the painting “Tramonto siciliano” combining a past and present artistic formation, suggesting a prospective unique in colour."
2008 - Journalist

Dino Marasŕ
"The intricate cromatic weave of our Jeanette Milner offers the viewer landscapes at the limit of reality. Flowers belonging to a dreamlike dimension, flood the senses, their perfume penetrates the soul, materialising familiar lands which are at the same time unreal; created in colour, becoming a projection of the sensitivity of the artist. The light is spontaneous and natural, like the artist, who spontaneously offers her innermost emotions and dreams to all of us." Avanguardie Artische 2008
2008 - Art critic

Sandro Serradifalco
JEANETTE MILNER ………………. Spiritual consistency "A clear invocation to the consistence of the spiritual residing in the natural magnificence seems to be the point of arrival of the artistic journey of Jeanette Milner. In her landscapes and in the further environmental descripions the works are cloaked with new interpretative values constituting qualities not only descriptive but introspective of the subject in question."
2006 -

Prof. Vittorio Mazzeschi
"Although born in Australia, Jeanette has Italian artistic roots in that she has matured her studies in our country. Therefore, this artist produces Italian art. In her landscapes she conjugates in a remarkable manner the contemporary form with the sensitivity for ancient colours. The transparencies, the veiling, and the shading are all joined to the substance which exalts in turn.The crust, the paste, the object is live and vibrant colour. From the small dimensions of her first works, Jeanette Milner has amplified her pictoric space, trying to give a more atmospheric, almost cosmic, opening which penetrates into deep space aboveall through the suggestion of a perspective that wants to be touched by hand and weighed in the mass of colour."
2003 -