I present...Jeanette


Jeanette Milner was born in Melbourne, Australia but has lived in Italy for over 30 years.

She lived initially in Rome, then settled in the mountainous Abruzzo region, in the province of l’Aquila. She now alternates her time between Italy and Australia.

When she finished High School in Canberra she wanted to follow a course in commercial art which was only available in Sydney at that time. Being only 16 years old her family preferred that she stay in Canberra and follow in the footsteps of her mother who was a senior secretary in the government, a career which was considered more reliable.

Jeanette firstly began formal study in oils in the studio of a Melbourne artist, then in ceramics in Rome and also in watercolours in the snowy mountains region of eastern Australia.

Jeanette’s studies in watercolours continued in l’Aquila and from 2001 she began to exhibit her work. Since then, she has undertaken further studies in oil painting between 2002 and 2004 in the studio of l’Aquila artist, Professor Vittorio Mazzeschi.

Jeanette’s art is an expression of her sentiments. These sentiments can change depending on life’s circumstances. She transmits her feelings onto the canvas and enjoys depicting landscapes, seascapes, mountains and sunsets. Her preferred technique is oil painting but when the mood catches her she uses acrylics, watercolour and ink drawings.

The artist has a passion for bright and strong colours. Many paintings are created from inspirations of moments captured during her frequent trips overseas. Many of her paintings are part of private and public collections in Australia, Belgium, Canada, Italy and Greece.